Dogs understand the tone of our voice & words

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 10:30:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

A recent study in dog brain research has shown something remarkable about dogs and their abilities, coming as no surprise to their owners. In fact, dogs have been found to realize not only the different tones in our voices. They have actually understood the different meaning of words, reacting accordingly. Does this sound like wishful thinking to all dog owners trying to succeed in housetraining and using the DoggieLawn, a convenient dog potty grass? Luckily for us, this is not just wishful thinking. This dog brain research is more of reality check, depicting the wit and sharp mind of our precious companions. 

A Few Words on the Research

Dogs volunteered to participate in the research and with the help of their owners, were trained to lie still while being scanned to see how they reacted to various words and tones. The results were astonishing, and they revealed that dogs process each word using their left hemisphere. Apart from understanding the words, however, the right hemisphere was used for the tone process. Ideally, the perfect combination of a positive word in a positive tone made their eyes sparkle and turned them into extremely happy doggies.

Dogs in studySource: ENIKO KUBINYI/huffingtonpost

How to Use the Research in Housetraining

We all know it's not an easy task to train a dog, especially when there is nobody around with the proper knowledge to back you up. It is a strenuous process, taking up a lot of time and effort. But with the results of this study, dog owners can sigh with relief and start communicating better with their dogs. Housetraining should be a pleasant task, with the active collaboration of humans and canines. Now that research has indicated how smart our dog is and to what extent we can communicate with our loved pets, should we try harder? Educating ourselves and training in the right tone and choice of words seems crucial if we want our relationship to work.

When it comes to training the dog for the use of a dog potty, it is essential to remember the importance of the proper words and intonation. Shouting at our dog if the results are not what we would have expected from the first time is not the ideal way of dealing with this issue. As it is one of the most important things in a dog’s life and in our daily routine, we need to be patient and explain to our dog why it is necessary to use the DoggieLawn, or even dog pee pads, instead of the floor. When accidents happen, treat them as accidents and nothing more!

Why Is Housetraining Essential?

Housetraining is necessary for living with our dog in harmony and satisfying both our needs. It is really important to teach our dog how to behave, what to avoid and how to live happily. With the proper outdoor or indoor dog potty solution, we will be sure to give our dog a great way out of the dilemma as to where to “go”. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, you’ll most likely not enjoy living in a place filled with poop, right? So you need to be patient and engage in strict and steady housetraining techniques. Especially when you are away most of the day, the dog has to understand where an acceptable place to potty is. We will not always be around to walk the dog every day; no matter how much we would like that.

Rewarding Our Dog

We have already explained the way dogs process the meaning of the words and the special tone we use in our voice. So how about rewarding our dog for everything good and for behaving in an adorable way, such as through our speech? Talk gently to your dog and let them know how much you love them. Affection does not only involve petting and hugs, but also sweet talking and reassurance. Dogs show us unconditional love and devotion, which should be cherished and appreciated. They are exceptional beings, and we have been blessed to keep them close as companions. Our words need to show all the emotions we have for them, expressing our gratitude that they are with us. And every time our dog is nice to us and makes us proud, we should let them know. Most of all, they need that reward from us when they use their dog potty, and they seem to appreciate our housetraining efforts for a balanced, happy life together!



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