The Dogs of Instagram That Have Won Us Over

Friday, March 17, 2017 01:32:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Some people are born to be in front of the camera. They can pose provocatively (even with 40 other people in the room), they can look genuinely amused (though nothing even remotely funny is happening), they can “smize” (Tyra Banks’ concocted terminology for “smiling with one’s eyes). 

The same can be said for some pets, who are able to captivate viewers with their winning personalities, which are reflected in the camera lens. 

Let us look, then, at some of the pups who have captured our hearts lately on instagram.

  • Menswear Dog (302K followers)- This stylish 4-year-old Shiva Inu is a hipster extraordinaire (though he is very nonchalant about his status). His real-life name is Bodhi and he lives in New York City, one of the great fashion capitals the world. He has become somewhat of an icon, showing off incredible sophistication and savior-faire in his photos.

 The Dogs of Instagram That Have Won Us Over

  • Mannie the Frenchie (1M+ followers)- As the name suggests, Mannie is a French Bulldog. At 5 years old, his status announces his philanthropic ways as a monthly giver to such charities as Chicago French Bulldog Association, French Bulldog Rescue Network, French Bulldog Village, Snort Rescue, among others. 

    manny the frenchie
  • Marutaro (2.5M followers)- Beautiful photographs of a beautiful dog. A Shiba Inu, like Menswear Dog, a breed that is famous for wonderful agility and their ability to cope well with mountainous terrain. This little guy is a celebrity in Japan and has his very own fan page, where admirers can purchase items reflecting his image.


  • Tuna (1.8M followers)- Tuna’s message is clear: Love yourself, because you are amazing. Even with her prominent underbite, recessed jawline, and wrinkly neck. Tuna is a 6-year-old rescued “chiweenie” who was rescued as a puppy in a farmer’s market. “Tunameltsmyheart” is an advocate for rescue pups, since he was a rescue himself. Follow him and be inspired! 


  • Momo (Owner Andrew Knapp has 592K followers)- This adorable Border Collie has his own hide-and-seek photo book entitled “Find Momo,” where the pup is seemingly out of sight in the beautiful landscapes. Join him on his adventures from coast to coast!
  • Dagger (15.3K followers)- Dagger is an exquisite Foxy Pom Fur, who’s got an eye for the camera (of course it helps that mom is a photographer). His eyes will surely captivate you. Though his followers may seem low as compared to the other doggies on this list (they are still a lot higher than my own), they are rapidly increasing. His full name is “Dagger Cannonball Thundering,” but don’t let the name fool you into thinking he’s very threatening. This puppy is nothing but an adorable fur-ball!


  • Pumpkin & Sunshine (150K followers)- Straight out of New York City, this account features absolutely gorgeous and whimsical images of cookie, a sweet and furry poodle, images of yummy vegan food, and the photographers daughter, Lara (the site is named after the pup and little girl’s nicknames). The pictures of these two are magical.

 PUmpkin and sunshine

  • Trotter (202K followers)- Trotter is a French Bulldog who has an affinity for sporting sunglasses and marvelous outfits. Lately, she has been recognized out on the streets of her hometown, San Fransisco. Her owner Sonya Yu, a food and restaurant photographer, describes Trotter as being very cool and chill, and says she “is very good about posing. She just stands still.” This dog certainly wrote the book on what it means to “smize”- Trotter is definitely the next to model.


If you are looking for a doggie to become a star on social media (or just for one to become your new best friend), start at your local shelter; your buddy friend is waiting for you. Enjoy with responsibility, as dogs require lots of attention and lots of love. So be sure that you are ready to give both! A monthly subscription to DoggieLawn, a company specializing in indoor grass for dogs, ensures that your new pup will have his own space to do his business in the grass dog potty. If doggie will have his own outdoor space, be sure that it is appropriately fenced in so he isn’t able to run into the street. Shower him with attention and spoil him rotten, then whip out your camera!