DoggieLawn Gives Back!

Updated On: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 13:42:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

DoggieLawn does so much more than deliver pee pads that provide potty relief for your pup. While we’re known for our eco-friendly grass pads, we’re also working hard behind the scenes to give back to animals in need. 

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk

Did you know that DoggieLawn donates sales from every new subscription to rescues and shelters? That’s right–DoggieLawn also helps relieve the financial burden shouldered by non-profit organizations committed to bettering animal lives. Every month, two different shelters are selected for donations. Up to date, DoggieLawn has donated to over 100 rescues, helping them give dogs and other animals much needed shelter, medical treatment, and help finding a fur-ever home they can call their own! 

But that isn't all. Each month, we spotlight these rescues in our newsletter to help spread the word about all the hard work that these organizations have put into supporting dogs in need of a helping paw. Many of these rescues began as grassroot efforts and are volunteer-run, so we’re proud to contribute to these dedicated animal lovers. Together, the rescues have helped more than 1.2 million animals. Now, that’s something to bark about! Click here to see all the rescues that DoggieLawn has contributed to over the years. 

In addition, our virtual store features numerous products from companies that have the same goal of giving back to our animal friends. As a company selling eco-friendly pee pad alternatives, we actively look for products that are either sustainably sourced or donate proceeds (or both!) so that we can further contribute to important causes. Collectively, we’re effecting real actions that bring about paw-sitive change for our world and the animals in it. 

The more DoggieLawn grows, the more we can contribute to rescues and shelters engaged in life-saving efforts nationwide. We look forward to offering continued support over the years to organizations providing services to disadvantaged animals and their families. Wondering how you can help give back? Sales from each new DoggieLawn subscription are donated to local pet rescues. Subscribe today to get a fresh grass pet potty delivered right to your door and help support dogs in need!