DoggieLawn Explores: Training Your Pooch To Use an iPad!

Friday, May 22, 2015 12:31:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

So your dog has mastered the art of potty training. Now what’s next to conquer? Aside from the requisite commands of ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, there are a whole slew of different techniques to teach your furry friend. Using an iPad is one of them. DoggieLawn Explores: Training Your Pooch To Use an iPad!

Why would it be beneficial for your doggy to learn how to operate this high-tech device? It’s all a matter of building confidence, says Anna Jane Grossman, co-founder of School For The Dogs in New York.

In an article posted on, the former journalist revealed how touch was the foundation behind many commands.

“Teaching a dog that he can affect the outcome of his environment simply by touching something with his nose is a way to build confidence and a way to clue him into the fact that he can get good things out of humans without having to resort to jumping or barking,” she wrote in the article.

More commands will follow naturally after working on ‘touch’, Anna says. “My training partner Kate, for example, taught her dog Disco to close the door behind her when she is carrying out her laundry,” she wrote.

While many of us may not have time to instruct our dog on the intricacies of our iPad, the training does provide great food for thought.

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