Doggielawn Explores: The Right Breed For You?

Friday, March 06, 2015 02:45:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Labradors may make the most popular dog in America, but is it the best dog for you? In a new list released by the AKC, turns out these trustworthy pooches reign as the country’s favorite dog for 2014, but we’ve decided to take a look at some of the dogs that didn’t make the cut. They may be a great dog for you! Doggielawn Explores: The Right Breed For You?

1) Siberian Huskies – This lovable and highly intelligent dog hit the thirteenth spot for 2014.They’re incredibly clever, though they can be tough to train. These pooches are not exactly ideal for apartment dwellers and, as their thick coats suggest, do well in cooler environments where they’ll have plenty of mental stimulation.

2) Dachshunds – These adorable pooches ranked at number 11 for this past year. According to Animal Planet, while these dogs are good with families, they can also follow the beat of their own independent drum. Like any person, personalities vary. Some are quiet, while others don’t mind speaking their mind.

3) The Mastiff – These gentle giants placed number 26 for 2014. Large, though not necessarily in charge, these pooches are known for their gentle dispositions, according to PetMD. These canines won’t be afraid of protecting their family should the moment strike, Vetstreet notes. Surprisingly, the Mastiff can work well in apartments.

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