DoggieLawn Explores: Petting Your Pooch

Monday, November 24, 2014 03:02:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

When it comes to massages, we all have our spots.

And apparently, so do dogs. DoggieLawn Explores: Petting Your Pooch

Turns out pooches love to be petted in a particular way and as far as belly rubs are concerned, consider another area to rub down! According to VetStreet, it’s important to approach a pooch for petting from the side rather than over their heads. It has been said you are likely to be perceived as less of a threat if you introduce yourself to a dog from the side and rather directly from the front. VetStreet adds that to calm a canine down, go for a slower, gentler massage.

Meanwhile, massages can serve more than just a daily dose of goodness for the dog – they can also be used to detect possible body abnormalities. Modern Dog Magazine points to a routine pat-down referred to as the ‘maintenance’ massage – by petting your dog with a flat hand and truly paying attention to the landscape of your pooches’ body, you can get a better sense of what is and isn’t normal after regularly rub-downs.

Of course, there are certain types of massages dogs would rather not have. VetStreet notes approaching a dog who is laying on its back, and therefore exposing its belly, is not a good idea. Hugging is discouraged as well, since a dog may become threatened when it’s unable to move in your arms.

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Photo: kiyomi shiba appreciates a good neck massage., Taro the Shiba Inu;

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