DoggieLawn Explores: National Pet Dental Health Month

Friday, January 30, 2015 01:40:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

How many of you regularly brush your dog’s teeth? While many of us are preoccupied with ensuring our furry friend gets ample amounts of fun and nutrition, dental hygiene can fall on the wayside. With National Pet Dental Heath Month here, now more than ever is the best time to “brush up” on how to clean Fido’s chompers! Get your dog’s teeth nice and shiny this February with a few of these tips:

DoggieLawn Explores: National Pet Dental Health Month 1) Get your dog used to getting his mouth touched if you’re not already regularly brushing his teeth. Otherwise, the sensation of fingers inside their mouth will be jarring. According to PetMD, one method of getting your dog used to fingers is by lightly touching the gums. After doing this several times, your dog should feel more relaxed with a brush. ASPCA also have some incredible tips on how to navigate getting your dog to open their mouth, for those who prove to be problematic.

2) Use dog toothpaste! Even though human tooth paste may seem fine and convenient, don’t use it. The paste could potentially have ingredients that will upset your dog’s stomach. Over the course of the next few days, let your dog try out the toothpaste. If your furry friend still enjoys the paste after a few taste tests, it’s about time to start brushing, PetMD adds.

3) As far as technique is concerned, brushing your pooches’ teeth is really no different than your own. Make sure to rub the brush in a circular manner and get both the top and bottom sets of chompers. And like people, some light and occasional bleeding is normal. However, should the problem persist, you may need to evaluate how hard you are brushing. It’s also a symptom of gum disease, so be sure to get them checked out by a vet if the issue doesn’t scrub away.

4) Reward! The brushing experience should be a pleasant one. Make sure they remember it well by giving them a treat at the end of the cleaning session.

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