DoggieLawn Explores: National Check The Chip Day!

Thursday, August 13, 2015 01:48:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

National Check The Chip Day is approaching us on August 15, a date the should remind us of the importance of microchipping our furry friend.

For those of us who have yet to go forward with the procedure, what is there to expect? The chip is quickly placed inside your dog, in between their shoulder blades, according to Woodbridge Animal Hospital. While the procedure is swift, the chip does wonders should the occasion arise. If your dog ever becomes lost and is turned into a shelter or veterinary clinic, staff should be able to locate your information via the chip. DoggieLawn Explores: National Check The Chip Day!

As noted by WedMD, however, it’s of prime importance that you keep your registration information up-to-date.While the chip can locate your information, it will only truly be effective if the device is installed with your dog’s current registration details. So what are you waiting for? Visit your family vet today to equip your pooch with a chip!

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