DoggieLawn Explores: Helping Your Energetic Dog Fall Asleep!

Thursday, January 07, 2016 12:42:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Trying to get shut eye with a wide-awake dog?

Or perhaps you’ll be sleeping, only to be awaken by your energetic pooch?

You’re not alone!

DoggieLawn Explores: Helping Your Energetic Dog Fall Asleep! For those of you having some trouble getting a full-nights rest with an active pooch keeping you up at odd hours of the night, PetMD recommends consistently playing with your pooch to tire them out. For you runners and hikers, getting your dog involved in your fitness routine is just one way of helping him knock out at the end of the day.

Perhaps your dog is inclined to explore the entire house at night? In that case, recommends crate training them. By keeping them contained in the crate and limiting their movement throughout your house, their cosy dog bed and crate may be just the trick to soothe their energy.

Never underestimate the power of music! also suggests calming their nerves by playing some relaxing music. That lullaby may be just the trick to lulling them into sleep. If you’re going to leave the TV on instead, make sure it’s a calm show and not very loud or violent content, according to

Lastly, make sure you take your sleepless pooch to the vet if you suspect it could be something more serious.

But what about those of you suffering from insomnia because of your dog’s potty breaks? Leave it to DoggieLawn to solve the problem! Our indoor grass patches can conveniently be set indoors for your dog to use in the late hours of the night. Simply place your dog sod litter box inside your apartment for an outdoor-free experience. Your outdoor dog litter box can easily be used indoors, and picking up your dog’s potty is a breeze since it’s all contained on the dog litter box.


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