DoggieLawn Explores: Finding A Petsitter!

Saturday, September 19, 2015 01:25:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

We’re in the final stretch of summer, but there’s still a little wiggle room for an extra vacation! For those of us who have set our sights on exotic locations – or even a getaway close to home – how will your dog be taken care of? If you intend for this getaway to be Fido-free, it’s important to select someone trust worthy and qualified to watch over you pooch. But who will that person be? And why not just select a friend?

As it turns out, while many of our friends have the greatest intentions, there’s a chance that the pals who are available may not exactly be the greatest fit! So it’s important to turn to someone who has a treasure trove of experience. Always look for a sitter who is qualified and even bonded, according to, who also recommended that a sitter meet your pooch before sealing the deal.

When it comes to finding a sitter: DoggieLawn Explores: Finding A Petsitter!

1) Turn to your vet! As PetMD points out your dog’s doctor will likely have the scoop on who would be a great babysitter. The website also notes that your vet may have his or her pulse on pet sitters who have experience handling dogs with special needs.

2) The benefits of technology! Living in a highly advanced technological society comes with its perks. Among them is the highly rated app DogVacay, which connects owners with sitters nation wide. Now a friend for your furball is right at your fingertips!

3) The world wide web: The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters has this nifty search feature that narrows down available sitters, based on your location. Why not give it a go?

We hope these tips will keep you looking on the bright side of your hunt for a suitable pet sitter! And don’t forget for those long days when you’re away from your home, DoggieLawn is a great potty solution! Our dog sod potty patches will keep him indoors for an easy potty solution. Your outdoor dog litter box can easily be used indoors, and picking up your dog’s potty is a breeze since it’s all contained on the dog litter box.

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