DoggieLawn Explores: Dogs And Our Personalities

Friday, February 20, 2015 02:53:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

We’ve always wondered and suspected, but now it turns out the proof is in the pudding! Research suggests that dogs can tell our moods just by looking at our facial expressions. According to a study published in Current Biology, dogs were able to differentiate from happy and angry expressions after being given a series of photographs to examine. Dogs then inspected the photos – which only partially revealed the faces – and it was discovered the canines were more inclined to single out the happy faces over the angry ones. “Our results suggest that the successful dogs realized that a smiling mouth means the same thing as smiling eyes,” said Corsin Müller, the study’s author, according to Scientific America. DoggieLawn Explores: Dogs And Our Personalities

Now what does this mean for us? Well, it’s the beginning of proving our dogs are quite in tune with our emotions! And it could potentially demonstrate that our moods have an effect on our dogs.

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Photo: Smiling Dog [explore]; Allen Skyy;