DoggieLawn Explores: Breed Spotlight on the German Shepherd!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015 01:22:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Not only do they work with police on a daily basis, but they make a great family dog! The German Shepherd is a devoted and friendly dog originating from Germany, according to Animal Planet. This canine has won over the hearts of many as a guide and assistance dog, police and military service, search and rescue, drug detection, and so much more, according to

He does well with active families, couples, and individuals. It is incredibly importance that whoever owns this intelligent dog gives him at least a half hour of physical exercise every day, according to Vetstreet. These dogs thrive on staying active – they were breed to be herders, after all! This intelligent dog makes a great dog to be with children, so long as they are socialized early, the website adds. DoggieLawn Explores: Breed Spotlight on the German Shepherd!

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Photo: Jack is such a happy little chompkin!; gomagoti;