DoggieLawn Explores: Breed Spotlight on the Akita!

Monday, November 09, 2015 01:42:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

How many of you know the story of Hachikō, the famous Akita pooch who awaited his owner’s daily arrival at a train station, even after his master passed away?

This week we’ve decided to spotlight this very famous breed that hails from Japan! An adult Akita and puppy waiting for their owner to come home so they can use their indoor grass potty patch.

Known as its home country’s national treasure, this devoted fluffy canine was originally bred for hunting, according to Their thick, two-inch fur coat is a testament to the type of cold climates they can withstand. The Akitas have a large build, which perhaps make them better suited for life in a home rather than an apartment, however it has been said online that they can adjust themselves to smaller living spaces.

Often compared to cats for their propensity to keep themselves clean, these active pooches will benefit from routine exercise, according to

Does the Akita sound like a good fit for you? Whether or not you’re thinking of getting a puppy, a full-grown Akita, or maybe a Shiba Inu (a mini Akita), chances are your dog will need to pick up a new potty routine at your place! Look no further than our real grass DoggieLawns for all your potty training solutions! Our dog sod potty patches will keep him indoors for an easy potty solution. Simply place your dog sod litter box inside your apartment for an outdoor-free experience. Your outdoor dog litter box can easily be used indoors, and picking up your dog’s potty is a breeze since it’s all contained on the dog litter box.

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