Selecting The Best Dog Food For Your Small Breed Dog

Friday, July 12, 2019 01:57:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

A small breed dog is one that is found in a lot of homes. However, what you will find is the food selection you get for your smaller breed dog is going to make a difference in how their health is, but also a wide range of factors including how easy it is for housebreaking, training, or even maintaining a shiny coat. So what do you look for in the food and how do you know you have picked the right food for your puppy and dog? Well, that is what we are going to explore here to help guarantee you make the right choice in food.

Size Of The Pieces

Dog food is meant for all types of dogs and sizes, which means the sizes are going to vary quite a bit. However, for a smaller dog, this may mean the dog food is going to be hard to chew or too large for them. When the pieces are too large it can actually damage your dogs' teeth when they are chewing on the food because of the kernel sizes and the hardness of the food. This not only means the dogs' teeth are damaged, but your vet bills will go up quite a bit because of the added dental care. Not to mention, you may find your dog starting to look for the real grass to eat more than using as a dog bathroom.

Protein And Fat Level Of The Dog Food

Smaller breed dogs do not need to have as high of a protein and fat content in their food as a larger breed dog. For example, some dog foods that are meant for your larger breed dogs are going to have a protein content that is closer to 27%. This works for the larger breed dogs because they need to have higher protein and fat content in the dog food. However, with your smaller breeds, it will actually lead to them getting health issues as well because the protein and fat is too high for them and makes them fat or causes other health issues.

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Ingredients In The Dog Food

Looking at the ingredient list of the dog food bags it is easy to see a lot of different ingredients listed on the label. Some of these are actually the chemical names that you cannot understand. This means that the dog food could be impossible for your dog to eat because of health issues and other problem that this can cause. For example, a lot of dogs have developed an allergy to corn and corn is a common ingredient in dog food. To avoid this problem, you should make sure you know the ingredients of the food.One common thing that you can find is grain free dog food. This food is commonly seen as the food that is healthier than some other types you can buy. However, before you switch over to grain free food you need to make sure you consult with your vet to guarantee that it will not cause any more health issues for your dogs and that you would not need to have any added supplements to your dogs.

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Ease Of Digestion

The digestion of dog food is definitely something that you should consider. Quite often this aspect comes from reading online reviews about the dog food but also experimenting with the dog's food. It is important that you know switching the dog food slowly and over time will help out in avoiding any digestion issues. After your dog has been completely switched over you need to monitor their potty habits and make sure they are not getting sick. This can easily be done with the DoggieLawn real grass pads, but also just observing your dog and how they are responding to the food. If they are able to digest the food easily then you know that it will be the best food for them and they can digest it.

Finding new food for your small breed dog is easy to do if you have the right tools and information on your side. The problem is not many people get this information and just buy the bag that is at the store. This can work and in most cases does not cause any harm to your dogs. However, if you want to spoil your dog and help them in all aspects of their life, from improved health, nicer looking coats, but even a dog that is going to be in love with their food then you need to use the list above to find the points to consider in any dog food. Then you can buy the best food on the market and know your dogs are going to live a happy and healthy life with you.