Making Life Easier for Disabled Dogs

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 01:18:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

 daschund in wheelchair

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Do you have, or are your thinking of adopting, a handicapped dog? If so, we'd like to thank you for caring for a dog with special needs. We'd also like to describe a few helpful products you might like to know about.

For Deaf Dogs: Vibration Collars

Like all dogs, a deaf dog needs to be taught to respond. But if your dog is deaf, you can’t call out to get your dog’s attention. A deaf dog running off into who-knows-where can strike fear into your heart. Vibration collars enable you to get the dog’s attention without causing any harm.

You can buy a training collar with remote-control button that send signals to the collar, causing it to vibrate.

The vibration is gentle but enough to interrupt and refocus the dog’s attention so that the dog will notice you. The vibration amounts to a signal — just as raising your voice would be for a hearing dog. It will still take training to teach a deaf dog (like any dog) to respond to you as needed. So use caution, as dog have all sorts of personalities and some dogs might not ever be safely let off-leash, even with a vibrating collar.

PetSafe's Vibration Dog Training Collar is rechargeable and gets many good reviews from trainers. It's that rare collar that cannot shock the dog. It relies on vibration only. 

How much will it cost? $19.95 (used sets for around $25) on Amazon.

For Physically Disabled Pets: Carts and Wheelchairs

Carts and wheelchairs offer mobility for dogs (cats too) who need full support, or support for their rear legs. A spinal injury can take away hind-leg mobility and yet the pet can be properly supported and enabled to enjoy a good quality of life with these products. Dog carts or wheelchairs can also make life better for senior dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis, and pets with neurological issues, limbs weakened from surgeries, or amputations.

The cost is anywhere from around $250 to $700 and up, depending on your pet’s size. Good news: you can find a used one online; or rent one for a fraction of the purchase cost, and see how things go. In some rare cases, a pet will refuse to use a wheelchair or cart.

Your dog can urinate or have a bowel movement while in the cart, so these products are compatible with indoor grass for dogs, or fine for walks outside.

When Walkies Won't Work: DoggieLawn

Some apartment and condo dogs, especially senior dogs and pets recovering from surgery, can develop issues that turn stairs and elevators into major obstacles. This makes it very hard for the dog to go outside. Some miniature dogs might refuse to go out the door in very cold temperatures, as they intuitively sense the extreme cold will be dangerous to them. 

All of these dogs would benefit greatly from a patch of nearby grass to relieve themselves on. A dog grass pad may be the ideal solution you've been looking for.

Other dogs who might benefit from a pet grass pad are those taking prescription medications that cause them to have to urinate often. 

We supply you with convenient and real potty grass for dogs — just like outdoors. You can subscribe to our service, enjoy quality time with your pet, and keep the time spent cleaning up messes to a minimum with DoggieLawn. This is the answer if you've been on a quest for the best way to offer your dog a convenient bathroom solution, but prefer to avoid the extra cleanup work needed when using other in-home dog potties. 

How Do You and Your Pet Get Started With DoggieLawn?

Your starter grass pad will be shipped from DoggieLawn right to your home. There is no assembly time or extra preparation required. You do not need any special tools. Just find a spot for your DoggieLawn. It can be placed indoors or out, in a space where your dog can easily get to it. This space might be the patio or the balcony of your apartment or condo. 

How does your dog get started? Simple. Just about all dogs will know what to do on real grass when they find it.

Reinforce your dog's good choice with encouraging words and sounds and, if desired, biscuits or treats. Your encouragement, coupled with a dog's natural love for real grass, will soon make going to the DoggieLawn a normal part of your dog's day. To clean up the dog doo is simple; it's the same as if you were on a walk outside, with a poop bag to scoop up the doo. Your home will not get dirty, and the DoggieLawn can simply be discarded when you're ready. 

Is DoggieLawn an Expensive Solution?

With plans starting at less than $26 per delivery, DoggieLawn is a reasonably priced solution. It is also likely to spare you the expense of floor cleaning! This is on a par with the price of dog potty pads, yet DoggieLawn typically resists odor longer than pads do. DoggieLawn also comes with extra support from our customer service team. 

Want More Information on How Our Product Can Work for You and Your Dog?

We'd be glad to receive your call at 310-853-8997 and talk with you more about how the real grass dog potty and your subscription can make caring for your dog both easy and pleasant at your home. You're also invited to send us a note through our contact page. And you might enjoy interacting with the DoggieLawn team and join in the conversation with customers and followers on Facebook.

We admire and commend your love for your pet in the face of challenges. We want you to know we're behind you all the way. It's our privilege to work with you and ensure your dog is comfortable and as satisfied with your DoggieLawn subscription service as you are.