Myths and Facts about Dalmatians

Friday, February 01, 2019 01:32:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

This History of Dalmatians

Dalmatians are known by many names, including firehouse dog, carriage dog, plum pudding dog, leopard dog, and spotted coach dog. This medium-sized dog is known for its uniquely black or brown spotted coat. This breed of dog was originally used as carriage dogs in Croatia in a region known as Dalmatia, hence their name. Today, Dalmatians are popular family dogs and are often entered into kennel club competitions.

A Few Myths and Facts about Dalmatians

Dalmatians and Their Spots

Did you know Dalmatians are not born with their spots? When Dalmatians are born, they have a solid white coat. When they are three weeks of age or older, their spots begin to appear. The pattern of their spots depends on the spot patterns of their parents.

Dalmatians Are Impossible to Train

Like any other dog breed, Dalmatians may be stubborn at times, but they are not impossible to train, including potty training. Many people believe this myth because of another myth that states Dalmatians are born deaf. Becoming deaf is a condition this breed of dog is prone to, but they are not born deaf. Due to the lack of melanin-producing cells in their ears, Dalmatians are more likely to become deaf than other dog breeds. Breeders of Dalmatians did not discover this condition until the later years of the 20th century.

Dalmatians Make Horrible Family Pets

These dogs make great family pets, but like other dog breeds, they need to be trained appropriately. This myth stems from the tale about Dalmatians being born deaf. Raising a dog that is deaf can be a challenge, but Dalmatians are loving, caring, and affectionate pets.

Dalmatians and Potty Training

There is a correct and incorrect way to train a Dalmatian, especially when it comes to housebreaking. Owning a Dalmatian means frequently taking it out for bathroom breaks and exercise. Dalmatians are a high-energy breed of dog that must be involved in activities and exercise for them to be calm. Without proper exercise, these dogs can become agitated and become difficult to handle but are not naturally aggressive or hard to train. 

Alternative to Potty Training Outside

Some pet owners frequently take their dog outside to use the bathroom, but this can be a hassle for seniors or persons who are disabled. Companies like DoggieLawn create potty pads made of real grass dogs can use in the house. These pee pads are beneficial for the elderly and persons who are disabled because it still allows them to enjoy the love of having a dog without the struggle and hassle it may be for them to take it out for bathroom breaks frequently.dalmation

Properly Caring for a Dalmatian


Dalmatians shed more than other dog breeds and have to be brushed at least once a week. The objective of frequent grooming is to remove dead hair. Weekly grooming is one way you can incorporate quality time into your schedule. Most dogs have two coats of fur, but the Dalmatian only has one. They have a smooth coat that sheds more than other breeds, and they constantly shed, which makes grooming a priority. Creating a grooming routine helps control shedding. Brushing your dog on a regular basis helps remove loose hair, which prevents a lot of it from falling around your home.    By WAYHOME studio via Shutterstock

Did you know brushing your dog helps with blood circulation? A Dalmatian needs to be brushed at least once per week, but you can brush them multiple times per week for better results. Dalmatians have short fur, so brushing them will take 5 to 15 minutes a day. For brushing to be effective, you have to use the right brush. A bristle brush is loved by many Dalmatian owners because it smooths the coat and prevents fur from matting. If you want to remove loose hair, a slick brush is ideal, but it should only be used once per week. These brushes are good to use for slightly matted fur. A grooming glove can also be used to remove loose fur, and it's not harsh on your dog or its fur.


Bathing a Dalmatian is straightforward. Bathing helps nourish the dog's coat and skin. Excessive bathing makes their skin dry and itchy. Excessive bathing can result in dry, cracked skin or redness. It's important to use a shampoo that is designed for dogs with short fur.


Training a Dalmatian takes just as much time and effort as it does with any other dog breed. As a puppy, training needs to start immediately, or they can quickly develop bad habits. Training needs to start as soon as you bring your pup home. Wee wee pads can be used for housebreaking your dog, but the mess it often leaves behind is no fun cleaning from a hardwood floor or carpet. Instead, try a puppy training solution that offers natural grass, such as DoggieLawn. DoggieLawn uses real grass and is a natural product. Natural grass eliminates odors, so the hassle of changing pee pads are obsolete.