Cutest Dog Commercials

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:02:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

At DoggieLawn, we work every day to develop and deliver a product that makes the lives of dogs happier and healthier. Our love for dogs shows in our quality potty grass and in our customer service. We thought we would share that puppy love with four of our very favorite cute dog and puppy SuperBowl commercials.

Horses + Puppies = Love

The best Super Bowl dog commercial of 2015 was this Budweiser puppy commercial titled “Best Buds - Lost Dog.” The little puppy tries to follow his best horse friend out and ends up getting lost. Eventually, the Clydesdales help the little puppy find his way back home to his owner. This commercial follows an equally adorable Budweiser Super Bowl commercial that ran in 2014. Super heartwarming.

Doritos Goes To The Dogs

This series of Doritos commercials featured a variety of our furry friends, some were heroes - like the giant dog that helps the little sister rescue the Doritos from her big brother. And, some were villains - like the little Chihuahua who tries to steal the Doritos from the little girl but she outsmarts him right out the window. Whether friend or foe, all are adorable.

Dogs Test Subaru

In 2016, Subaru came out with a series of dog commercials called the Barkley Family. The Barkley Dog family travels to the grocery store, uses GPS navigation to try to get home and uses the restroom at a gas station stop. The commercials are funny and include the prettiest white dogs ever in all different sizes.

Best Friend For Life’s Journeys

This 2014 Chevy commercial is a tearjerker, taking you backwards through all the times in a girl’s life when her dog was there for her. Going for walks, moving into a new apartment, graduation, a break up, learning to drive, birthdays and more. It ends with her picking out the puppy from a litter when she was a little girl.

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