Celebrities and Their Pooches

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 12:02:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dogs are a part of the family from the first day that we take them home to the last. For most people, a dog becomes a part of the family almost instantly and for celebrities, the connection is no different. Here, DoggieLawn takes a look at these 10 celebs who are head over heals in love with their four legged friends and take them around everywhere. 

  1. Reese Witherspoon and Pepper- this couple is adorable no doubt. The French Bulldog became part of the family in April of 2016 and joins pet sibling LouAnn, a bull terrier that was adopted by the famous actress in 2015. Reese has long been a known animal lover and she has now been seen with the cute little doggy all over town. In fact, Pepper joins an ever-growing pack including pigs, goats, and chickens. reese witherspoonInstagram
  2. Kate Hudson and Cody- Kate Hudson, celebrity actress and co-founder of Fabletics, has long been known as a nature lover and a lover of animals and her pets are a perfect example of that. Kate has been photographed taking her Australian Shepherd Cody on walks and hikes all over California. kate hudsonInstagram
  3. Hillary Swank with Rumi and Kai- Two time Academy Awards winner Hillary Swank not only loves animals, she has many adopted animals that she rescued from shelters. Hillary has two parrots as well as a cat and two dogs. Hillary loves animals so much that she worked with Fox on Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Special which featured shelter dogs from around the country. She also started the Hilaroo Foundation in which abandoned animals are paired with youths to help heal one another. hillary swankInstagram
  4. Amanda Seyfried and Finn- Amanda has been a champion for pets for years and she and her Australian Shepherd Finn, are doing what they can to raise awareness for shelter pets. This handsome boy is nearly 7 years old and Seyfried says she cannot imagine her life without him. She even makes sure that he is allowed on every set when she is filming.  Just recently, the duo worked with Best Friends Animal Society to try to find homes for as many homeless and shelter animals. amanda segfriedInstagram
  5. Jeremy Piven and Butch- everyone loves an adorable French Bulldog and that is just what Butch is. Piven takes the pooch everywhere with him and says that the dog gives him the companionship that he needs until he finds someone to settle down with. Butch joins the entourage with Spinee, an adorable labrador retriever. Just recently, Spinee underwent a intense surgery but is doing much better. jeremy pivenInstagram
  6. Ellen Page and Patter- Shortly after going public with her sexuality and announcing her relationship with longtime girlfriend, Samantha Thomas, Ellen and Samantha adopted Patter from Perfect Pet Rescue. Patter is a mix breed terrieerand was rescued by the pair from a local shelter. ellen pageInstagram
  7. Chris Evans and Dodger- Chris Evans is a heartthrob and his recent video for the 22 push up challenge to bring awareness to veteran suicide helped make him even more loved. His puppy Dodger, named after his favorite character from Disney’s “Oliver and Company,” helped him finish the video. dodger evans chris evansTwitter
  8. Dakota Johnson and Zeppelin- this everyone loves their pet and the actress is no different. She travels everywhere with her pooch Zeppelin and never leaves home without her furry pet. She even dotes over her dog on social media and in photo shoots and interviews.dakota johnsonInstagram

Pets are a huge part of our lives and as such it only makes sense that in the hectic Hollywood set that celebs would also love their dogs. We are sure that these celebs have all the latest technologies and training tools like potty grass, indoor grass for dogs, and even a dog grass pad to help make training super easy. Dogs are a man’s best friend and with the right training tools anyone can help train their pets. More and more celebrities are seeking out pets from shelters but no matter where your furry friends come from, they are certainly part of the family from day one.