6 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Thursday, April 26, 2018 09:42:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Going camping can be a lot of fun, especially if you plan to take your four-legged buddies with you. Planning your trip will certainly be exciting, and besides deciding where to go, it is helpful to also be mindful of what sort of things, such as pee pads, will help make this trip more comfortable for your furry friend. In this post, we will discuss some things to consider to make camping with your pet delightful for all. 

Go Somewhere Dog Friendly 

Going camping usually means driving somewhere located quite a distance from your home, and the last thing you want to encounter when you arrive to your destination is that dogs are not allowed. It is also good to find out what the rules are, such as whether they have dog potty area restrictions and so forth. You'll also want to research what the leash laws in the area are, as some places will allow your dog to roam freely as long you're both together, and others, of course, will require your pet to always be on a leash. 


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Practice Safety

Your dog may encounter situations that he or she is unaccustomed to dealing with at home, and you'll want to go over some basic training techniques before you embark on your journey. Teach your pet simple commands, such as 'leave it', in case your dog finds a snake he or she would like to tangle with. In addition, you'll want to teach Fido to come to you immediately in case he is off the leash and there is something dangerous coming down the pike. You can turn it into a game while still at home, rewarding your pet for obedience, having fun, and strengthening your bond. Training your dog to use an indoor dog potty ahead of time also can help him or her to avoid running into danger, because he won't need to look for a place to go. 


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Bring the Essentials

Any time you go camping, you can expect to create a list a mile long of things to bring with you, but you'll thank yourself later on for being prepared. You'll want to create a laminated card that contains your dog's pertinent information, such as the name of her vet, her name, your contact information, health record, and history of vaccination. It's a good idea to have a microchip that is up to date and new tags. In addition, you should bring the indoor dog potty and a replacement wee wee pad. 

Experts suggest packing tweezers and mineral oil to aid with tick extraction and a muzzle in the event that your dog becomes aggressive. With smaller breeds, even a bandana can serve the purpose of muzzling him or her in the case of an emergency. A pocket knife is good to have with you if your dog gets stuck in some brush, and needle-nose pliers can help if your pup accidentally meets a porcupine.

Remember to carry some basic first-aid items for your dog, including any medications he regularly takes, and you can even bring baby socks to protect his feet if he'll be walking across rugged terrain. A good harness makes a great investment, as it can keep your dog from pulling out of her collar if she should be startled by something unexpected on the path, and you'll need to provide water and a drinking dish, as it can be dangerous for your kanine to drink out of streams or river beds. A collapsible food bowl can be easily taken with you hiking, so you can feed your dog while you are away from the campsite, and poop bags will be a necessity when your dog is away from his or her pet potty. 

Dog Bathroom Concerns

While you are away camping, pee pads give your dog a convenient way to go potty. You can easily prepare for this by purchasing your dog potty training system such as a DoggieLawn ahead of time and by teaching your pet how to use them. These can be used inside, meaning that you can take your dog just about anywhere without having to worry about where he'll go potty. DoggieLawn lacks the odor associated with other indoor dog bathrooms, and your pet will naturally feel the need to go, because they use natural materials. 

Talk to Your Vet

Your pet can encounter animals out and about that could potentially be carrying rabies, and so, you'll want to make sure your pet is fully protected with the proper vaccinations. Speak to your vet about the Lyme disease precautions you should be taking, and inquire as to a method to prevent ticks from lodging in your pet's fur. Heartworms are another potential problem, as these are transmitted via mosquitos, and your vet should be able to help you navigate this concern as well. Make sure your dog is physically healthy enough to join you on this journey, and use this opportunity to stock up on your dog's medication supply. 

Enjoy Yourselves

The whole point to leaving the humdrum monotony of everyday living is to go out and be carefree. Take this time to bond with your pet, knowing he can even sleep indoors if your tent is large enough to house an indoor potty for dogs. He will enjoy being outdoors but most especially, he will relish just being with you. Whether you're at the beach, running in the surf, or at a getaway high up in the mountains, this special time is certainly one you'll both remember for years to come. 

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