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Monday, July 09, 2018 11:49:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

Dog cafes are one of the trendy businesses that have been surfacing on the internet. They have also been marked as a great source of income. Ever wondered whether there is a possibility of taking your dog out for dinner? Below are more details on dog cafes and restaurants.

Are dog cafes real?

Yes, they are. Various countries have come up with restaurants that allow people to bring their dogs. Have you ever had issues trying to figure out where you can take your dog out? Worry less; there are also cafes that have been specifically designed for serving dogs. You can now freely take your dog out for a quick bite!

What are the things to consider while taking your dog out for a treat in dog cafes?

Dog cafes have various rules that should be followed. Here are just a few rules that you and your dog should consider:

  • Ensure that your dog is well tamed. There is no barking allowed in most of the restaurants and dog cafes.
  • Ensure that your dog is well leashed while inside the restaurants. This goes hand in hand with the rule that there is no jumping or sitting on chairs or benches
  • Ensure that your dog is up to date on their vaccinations. 
  • For hygienic purposes, one should carry his/ her own dog’s food dish and a water bowl. Restaurants are forbidden to feed dogs on the same plates from normal restaurants where humans dine. 
  • Ensure that your pet sits under the dining table. This is to avoid any chance of waiters tripping over your dog as they serve food to other customers.

These rules are generally based on the majority of the restaurants. Other restaurants have extra rules depending on the surrounding environment and local authority rules. There are restaurants that may go out of their way to offer way much better services to dogs. This might include: offering dogs water to drink and small treats.

Some restaurants allow dogs to socialize. However, it is much better if one takes his/her dog out to the dog cafes that are specifically made for dogs dinning. Ensure you tame your dog very well before thinking of letting it out to socialize with the rest of the dogs.


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Which is the ideal place to set up a dog café or restaurant?

If you are thinking of setting up a dog café or restaurant then you should choose an area that favors dogs. Ensure your restaurant has a wide area covered with grass. Also, ensure that there are recreational activities. You can opt to offer playing toys for the dogs.

What type of food should I expect in dog cafes?

The rate of metabolism in humans is way different from the ones in dogs. Apart from dog biscuits, there are other types of food offered to dogs in restaurants. This includes:

  • Carrots. They can be either raw or cooked. This improves the levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in the body
  • The amount of salt in food should be limited since excessive amount can lead to salt poisoning. To neutralize the salt levels, the dog should drink plenty of water
  • Eggs. Cooked eggs are highly recommendable since there are low chances of your dog getting sick. The Salmonella bacteria are commonly found in raw eggs and can cause severe diseases
  • Salmon. This increases the levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the body. However, it should be cooked first to kill any harmful microbes
  • Blueberries are good for dog’s health. They are antioxidants which also have low levels of calories and sufficient levels of vitamins, fibers, and minerals
  • Fruits such as watermelon and pineapples are good for solving digestive problems in dogs. This eases excretion process in dogs

Is there a wide beneficial market in the field of dog cafes?

Yes, there is. Setting up dog cafes is a new trending business idea that has a lot of potentials. However, one needs to have good strategies that will enable you to gain much profit.

 This includes:

  • Knowing your target audience. In this case, you need to target people who own dogs, those who love dogs and people who enjoy spending time with their dogs.
  • Also, consider where you are going to set up your restaurant or dog café. It should be near an area that encourages the keeping of dogs.
  • Calculate the amount of labor that you need as you run the business. This will enable you to know your profit margin.

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