Best Potty Solutions for Busy Professionals

Tuesday, August 06, 2019 12:48:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

Many dog owners at some point wish they didn’t have to take their dogs for a walk. Busy professionals can have unpredictable schedules so taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom can be a real challenge.

Indoor Dog Potty Types

There are a variety of dog potties available and one of the biggest issues you will need to consider is cost. Others can be less expensive but you may need to do more work in order to keep messes and odors under control. You will also need to consider if your dog will use the dog potty you pick. Your dog may only go on real grass but will not use fake grass. You may need to try some different options before you find the right fit for you and your dog. Don’t get discouraged because once you find the option that works for your needs, it will make your busy life much easier. Remember, you will have to collect and discard any solid waste promptly in order to keep the home smelling fresh. When choosing the dog potty that will work best for you, be sure to look at the overall cost of using it over time, including supplies, how much cleanup is needed, the placement in your home, and the size of your dog. 

Synthetic Grass: These types of dog potties use high-quality synthetic grass to look and feel like real grass. The pad is designed to simulate an outdoor environment, making it easier for your pet to go. Synthetic grass can require a lot of maintenance. Many will have odor neutralizing features but need to be cleaned frequently in order to not smell.

Grates: Using a grate can be an affordable option. Many are made of plastic and have an elevated design. The area contains slots or holes that allow the urine to drain down into a collection area. For solid waste, the area catches it like a screen so you can easily pick it up and dispose of it.

Potty for Patio or Porch: This solution works for professionals that have a patio. This allows you to keep the mess outside and not have to worry as much about odors. With a larger potty, your dog can roam around before relieving himself or herself. You want to make sure it’s easy to clean since busy professionals don’t have time to be cleaning dog potties. Look for unique drainage systems in order to make it easier to clean.

Disposable Dog Potty: A disposable indoor dog potty can be great for several reasons. This is ideal for those who don’t want to clean a potty and want a no-fuss solution. It can come in a cardboard container that you can throw away when it’s full and then just replace with a new one when it’s needed. Disposable dog potties can come with real grass so it’s useful for those who don’t want something artificial. A disposable dog potty can be designed with a root system that will absorb odors and urine. Depending on how much your dog uses it, it can be used for one to three weeks and then all you have to do is discard it and open a new one. 

Tips for Getting Your Dog to Use an Indoor Potty

If you have an indoor dog potty with fake grass, you can put some real bark or grass on top to get your dog to use it. For male dogs, you can also add something small like a peed on fire hydrant or tree stump. If your dog is missing the potty area, you can line the area with potty pads as a way to keep the mess to a minimum. Many dogs do require some training on an indoor pet potty, so be sure to be patient. Remember that positive reinforcement is preferred. Whenever the dog uses the potty system and you are home, reward them with a treat. This will teach your dog that using the indoor potty is a good thing. Don’t yell or hit the dog as this could have an adverse effect on training.