Best Healthy Dog Food

Tuesday, March 07, 2017 09:43:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

Best Healthy Dog Food

When it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle in a dog, there are undoubtedly many different things you can do to ensure your dog stays in good health. At DoggieLawn, pet health is our top priority, another way (besides purchasing an indoor potty patch from DoggieLawn) you can improve your dog’s health and life is by making sure to feed it healthy food. While there are so many brands of dog food available that it may seem overwhelming to pick one, here are some of the brands that are consistently rated as serving the healthiest dog food.


The awarding winning dog food company, Orijen is known as one of the top healthy dog food brands because of its high protein content and natural ingredients. The ingredients are regionally sourced, healthy, and contain no antibiotics. They’re also an ideal choice for dogs with allergies. Orijen is so great because it mimics the foods that dogs and cats are evolved to eat. This company is committed to such high quality foods, that they are even a human grade dog food brand! 

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack is unique in that the food is developed with the assistance of veterinarians and dog trainers, guaranteeing the healthiest ingredients in the food. They use high quality protein sources in their food and they don’t use a lot of allergenic ingredients. Eagle Pack is also notable in that they’ve never had a pet food recall – a great indicator that they’re reliable when it comes to quality control standards making them a top healthy dog food.


Primal is a great choice if you’re looking for a raw food diet for your dog – essentially what their diet would be in the wild. All the ingredients they use in their dog food are locally grown, organic, and healthy. They are even human grade! Primal also has a wide variety of other food products they offer, such as treats. Primal uses steroid and antibiotic free meats, and organic produce so you know your dog is eating a clean, nutritious, and energy inducing meal!

Back to Basics 

Like Primal, Back to Basics strives to offer dog food that would be like what your dog would eat in the wild. One of the added bonuses in Back to Basics is that it uses a limited ingredient list in order to cater to a dog with potential food sensitivities. Their products are grain-free and they use high-quality meat.

Treats, Treats, Treats!

Surprisingly enough, our customers ask us about dog foods and treats all the time. Especially those new pup parents! For the occasional tasty treat, we recommend  Wagatha’s! We’ve been known to throw a few bones in with customer shipments on occasion as a special thank you as well!

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