Beat The Tail End Of Summer Heat With These Tips

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 03:11:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

As a dog mom living in Los Angeles, I am constantly worried about keeping Bert cool during the hot home stretch of summer. We live in a tiny air condition-less apartment in Hollywood… so needless to say we’re always looking for new ways to beat the heat. Here’s some great ways to keep your pup and their DoggieLawn grass potty fresh and cool during these last scorching weeks. Frozen Fruit Who doesn’t love frozen fruit during the summer? Did you know that fido loves it as much as you do? I first discovered Bert’s love of frozen fruit when I was making a smoothie in my kitchen and accidentally dropped some frozen mango on the floor. He grabbed it and ate it right up! The best part about this cooling method? It’s so easy! Just grab a bag of frozen fruit the next time you’re grocery shopping, and reward good behavior by throwing your pup a frozen treat. Water, Water, Water Okay, this seems pretty obvious, right? However, there’s more to your dog’s water bowl than meets the eye. ShibaShake brought up a really great point about how plastic water containers can be a huge breeding ground for bacteria during the summer months. To combat this, the author recommends using stainless steel water bowls to limit the chances of harmful bacteria living in your pup’s main water supply. Additionally, be sure to wash out your dog’s water bowl on a regular basis during the summer. And don’t forget to always ensure your dog’s bowl is filled with cold water on those hot days! Lots of fresh water + your pup’s grass DoggieLawn potty = happy dog, happy parent. Wet Bandana Don’t we all love when our dog comes home from the groomer with an adorable bandana around their neck? These adorable bandanas have more than just an aesthetic purpose during the summer, they can also be used to keep your dog cool! Sometimes, before I take Bert out on a walk, I will submerge one of his bandanas in water, wring it out, and then tie it around his neck. Then, he has a little cooling agent around his neck to help regulate his body temperature while we’re outside. I know there are companies that make “official” versions of these, but I find using a banadana from around the house is a great DIY hack for keeping your pup cool. What about my DoggieLawn? Thankfully, you don’t really have to do anything to keep your DoggieLawn fresh during these last few hot weeks. We always recommend keeping your pup’s grass potty in a dry, shaded area. Additionally, don’t forget that your pup will still love and use their lawn even if it starts to go brown from the heat/dryness; dogs are actually colorblind to the green spectrum, so they’ll love the lawn no matter what color it is! Lastly, we all know that the summer heat can exaggerate the smells associated with your dog’s potty time; if you notice a smell, use an enzymatic odor spray, like Icky Poo to clear up any smells right away! Beat The Tail End Of Summer Heat With These Tips "Mom, it's HOT! Thankfully my DoggieLawn grass is still cool!" XOXO, Andrea and Bert

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