5 Products to Pamper Your Stay at Home Dog

Updated On: Friday, May 28, 2021 10:12:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

As doting paw-rents, we know how hard it can be to leave your dog home for extended periods of time. Once the whimpering and the puppy eyes start, it’s difficult not to feel guilty about leaving your fur baby behind. But just because you’re not there in person doesn’t mean you have to stop spoiling your dog! Here are five products that will help keep your pup feeling pampered while you’re away. 

Photo by Jexo

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are very important for providing mental stimulation while you’re away. Dogs can get bored too and for some dogs, this can lead to undesirable or unhealthy behaviors. If you have a dog with separation anxiety or engages in destructive behavior after you leave, it’s even more important to provide a healthy outlet for their behavior. 

Remote Treat Dispenser

Who doesn’t love a fun afternoon snack? These remote-controlled treat dispensers not only provide a nice little surprise for your pup, they promote mental stimulation. Plus, you can utilize treats as an additional way to provide the support they need when you’re away. 

Greenwell Pet Box

Greenwell Pet Box delivers monthly curated boxes with goodies and toys focused on dog health and wellness. Beyond keeping your pup healthy on a day to day basis, many of the featured treats contain ingredients that will promote cognitive functioning and calm anxiety. Plus, each box includes a toy to help keep playtime new and exciting for your pup!

Appropriate Bedding

Managing the temperature in your home can be a bit more tricky if you’re not around. Even with technology that allows us to adjust cooling and heating remotely, it can be hard to judge how it actually feels inside your home when you’re not there. A gel cooling pad or a bed with a pet-safe heating pad provides alternatives when their usual bedding isn’t sufficient. Having additional options for sleeping and resting can help keep your dog comfortable during more extreme weather. 


One of the most common worries dog parents have when they’re away from their fur babies is not being able to let their pups out. Bring a piece of the outdoors into your home with an indoor pet potty like DoggieLawn. A natural dog bathroom helps your dog have access to real grass as well as provide a place to go to the bathroom when they can’t go outside. This can help reduce any anxieties you or your dog have about accessing a place to go potty.