5 Products to Keep Your Dog Squeaky Clean

Updated On: Friday, June 3, 2022 15:33:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Does it feel like your dog manages to get dirty no matter how much you stay on top of grooming? Here, we’ve compiled a list of useful items that aren’t your conventional grooming products to help you keep your furry one stay squeaky clean in between baths!  

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Paw Sanitizer

Though daily walks can be filled with yucky germs galore, bathing your dog after each outing isn’t practical. Instead, use a sanitizing spray that keeps paws clean until they can be washed properly. Sprays are convenient for longer excursions too, as they’re easily transportable and quick to use. Sanitizers like Skout’s Honor’s Paw and Hand Spray are also great 2-for-1s that keep both you and your pup’s paws germ-free!

Indoor Dog Bathroom

Why dirty your pooch’s paws when you don’t have to? Using a pee pad like DoggieLawn helps reduce dirt and mess when it becomes rainy, muddy, or snowy outdoors. Pee pads are also helpful for doggos who have difficulty going potty properly because of an injury, surgery, or disability. 

Dog Booties

Even dogs who use wee wee pads have to go out for walks sooner or later. Use dog booties to keep paws protected from the elements. Even if it’s not raining or snowing, keeping debris off of pets’ paws can reduce the chances of allergic reactions or skin irritation. 

The Right Grooming Products

Everyone knows that dogs need to be groomed regularly. But are you using the right products on your fur baby? If your dog keeps shedding and shedding now matter how much you brush them, or they suddenly appear to have dandruff, your dog may be responding to parasites (e.g. fleas, ticks, etc.) or bacterial and fungal infections. Using a harsh shampoo only makes things worse. An itch-relief or probiotic shampoo can help provide some relief when other products may not. 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is a pet-safe mineral that has multiple benefits for dogs. To use as a pest repellant, sprinkle onto commonly used surfaces such as beds and doormats. Diatomaceous earth is an easy way to keep bedding and coats clean in between washes. It’s safe enough to dust onto your dog’s fur directly and can even be used as a dietary supplement!

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