3 Subtle Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

Updated On: Friday, April 14, 2023 14:05:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dogs are famously known for their undying loyalty and devoted companionship. But our canine friends aren’t blindly loyal. Their loyalty relies on the ability to trust that their human pawrents won’t pose a threat to their well-being. This trust develops over time as we care for our fur babies by offering regular meals, going on walks, and showering them with love and affection. In turn, dogs demonstrate their trust through subtle behaviors, though they’re commonly overlooked! Discover 3 signs that your dog trusts you below.

Photo by Victor Grabarczyk 

Remaining Calm When You Leave

Humans typically interpret dramatic behavior as demonstrations of love and affection. Many dog pawrents unwittingly play into separation anxiety by encouraging whimpering, begging, and other similar behaviors, because this is how humans tend to show their love before parting ways. We might think that a calm pooch might mean a detached pooch. However, a dog that remains calm is actually showing you that they trust that you’ll return home to them – they’re confident that you wouldn’t leave them behind and uncared for. Talk about serious faith in your relationship!

You’re “Allowed” to Touch Prized Belongings

Toys, bowls, bedding, pee pads, and food are all important for a dog’s sense of safety and comfort. If your dog doesn’t seem to mind when you move these items around, then it may indicate that they don’t perceive you as a threat to their well-being. By not reacting to their things being handled, your furry one is assuming that you wouldn’t take their precious belongings away from them in a way that jeopardizes or ignores their needs and desires.

Absence of Anxiety Around Other People and Animals

Proper socialization is a fundamental part of dog training, but it can be difficult to fully get over the anxiety of being around other people and animals if your pup either doesn’t trust you or has had past experiences that showed them they couldn’t trust others outside of the home. Successful socialization allows dogs to feel secure about their relationships and safety even when around strangers. Doggos who don’t appear anxious around others are confident about their own ability to respond to danger and in your capacity to intervene if there is a threat.

Meanwhile, making sure your fur baby has their own essentials will be important – especially in a multi-pet household! In addition to bowls and bedding, having a personal pet potty is critical. Many canines feel especially vulnerable when going to the bathroom, so having their own wee wee pad like DoggieLawn in a separate and secure area goes a long way in helping your dog feel safe and secure at home!