2021's Top 7 Presents for Dogs

Updated On: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 10:38:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are the perfect excuse to shower our fur babies with gifts. While we at DoggieLawn like to spoil our pups everyday, the holidays are an extra special time when we like to give presents that will improve our dogs’ quality of life year-round. Read on for our top picks of 2021! 

brindle French bulldog puppy in Santa hat

Photo by Jakob Owens

Telehealth Service

Vet telehealth services don’t just give you peace of mind. Getting the answers you need with a virtual, licensed professional may mean one less anxiety-inducing trip to the vet for your fur baby.  

Engaging Toys

Like most of the world, chances are your schedule has changed more than once this past year. And there’s no guarantee that we won’t be asked to make sudden shifts again. Having a variety of interactive toys keeps your pup entertained while you’re away as well as keep separation anxiety at bay. Instead of just the same ol’ treat ball, consider a snuffle mat to switch things up or a dental chew toy to kill two birds with one stone. 

Holistic Treats

Functional treats are the way to go for snack time. Equally delicious but doubly effective, holistic goodies help maintain your dog’s health as well as target specific concerns such as anxiety, digestive health, and even scooting. While you’re at it, grab a personalized stocking to stuff them in! 

Real Grass Pee Pad

If you’ve been holding off on potty training or you’re still using traditional wee wee pads, it’s time for an upgrade. An indoor dog bathroom is not only a step up for your pup, it’s a sustainable alternative to plastic pads that Mother Earth will thank you for.

Waterproof Shoes or Booties

Weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Be sure you’re prepared to hit the streets, rain or shine! Waterproof shoes help keep paws warm and dry while on a walk, reducing the chances of irritated or damaged skin. 


Cold weather means dry, chapped skin is inevitable. This is especially true for dogs, whose paws and snouts are exposed to rain, snow, and wind. Keeping exposed extremities continually moisturized is important for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Why should humans be the only ones to get pampered? 

Dog-friendly Holiday Meal

Don’t wait for the puppy dog eyes to scrounge for table scraps. Prepare a dog-safe holiday meal that will let your precious pooch join in as a family from the get-go. You’re sure to receive the gift of love in return for including them in the festivities!

There you have it -- our suggestions on gifts that are sure to keep on giving. Grab a couple goodies to ensure the holidays are a very merry one for you and your dog. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell your dog that Santa Paws isn’t real.)