Potty Training Fire Hydrant

Ready, aim, pee! This silicone fire hydrant is the ideal accessory for your DoggieLawn. It's perfect for giving your male dog a place to aim. Simply place the hydrant in the center of your DoggieLawn and say goodbye to messes. The hydrant can also be used for potty training! With a slightly damp paper towel, you can wipe up a urine accident in the home or slide the paper towel under your dog while they're peeing outside. Wipe the paper towel on your fire hydrant and now it's scented with your dog's own urine! Now your puppy will be reminded that the DoggieLawn is their new potty place since they'll be instinctively attracted to their own scent on the hydrant.

Size: 4 x 7 inches.
To weigh down, fill with something dry such as pebbles, sand, beans, etc.



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