Puppy Starter Set

The Puppy Starter pack has everything you need to get your puppy all set up in their new fur-ever home! Prepare for life as a paw-rent with our best-selling treats, eco-friendly poop bags, Rocco and Roxie’s enzymatic odor eliminator, and popular cuddle buddy, Lamb Chop. The puppy essentials pack not only includes potty-training gear like poop bags and an odor eliminator, it also comes with our best selling training treats to help ensure potty training success!     



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The Puppy Starter Set Includes:

• Polkadog Chicken Littles Training Bits (our best selling treats): Polkadog’s Chicken Littles are made with three simple ingredients: all-natural U.S-raised chicken breast, brown rice, and potato flour. Your puppy will do just about any trick in the book for a taste of one of these irresistibly crunchy treats!


• Compostable Poop Bags: Our certified compostable bags are made from recycled materials that break down into non-toxic matter and don't leave behind any microplastics. These unscented bags come in a pack of six and are made to fit most standard dispensers.

• Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator: Rocco & Roxie’s Odor Eliminator is a natural spray containing enzymatic bacteria that activates on contact with odor causing bacteria. The spray can be used for cleaning up potty-training accidents or keeping your DoggieLawn smelling fresher for longer.

• The Original Lamb Chop (10"): Like the special song that has no end, the timeless appeal of Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop continues to bloom in the hearts and minds of millions of baby boomers and their children. Shari Lewis’ beloved Lamb, now a classic loveable soft plush dog toy with squeakers!

Puppy Starter Set

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