Bunny Lawn

For years we've been hearing about little bun buns using our lawns to lounge on. Finally we've created a grass potty box just for them! Give your furry friend the hop-portuity to have their own backyard in a box with Bunny Lawn. Just pop open the box and let your bunny get back in touch with Mother Nature with a lush, grassy pad of their own to loll around on.      

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  • Petite Size: 12 x 9 inches.
  • Grande Size: 24 x 9 inches. Perfect for bunnies who want more room to hop around!
  • Hydroponically grown outdoors at a sunny sod farm in California.
  • Keep it indoors (or out) and mist occasionally to keep the grass thriving. 
  • Natural and disposable.


Update on the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Threat
Bunny Lawn

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