Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Threat

We put the health of our customer's pets first and as such we want to educate you about any potential risk, even if it's very small, to your pet so you can make an informed decision.  As you may know, there is an ongoing outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease across many states in the American south-west. This virus is only dangerous to Rabbits and does not affect humans or other pets in any way. We believe the risk our product poses is VERY SMALL and have seen zero infections in association with Bunny Lawns. That said, as good members of the pet community, we feel an obligation to at least educate you to the risks even if we feel it's diminishingly tiny.  We'll tell you why in a moment - first some general facts:


What is RHD?
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease can be caused by two different, related viruses, RHDV1 and RHDV2. The current outbreak is due to the RHDV2 virus. It is highly contagious and affects rabbits, both domesticated and wild. Of rabbits that are exposed to the virus, almost all die.


How Can Rabbits Get RHD?
Rabbits can catch the virus by inhalation, ingestion, or by absorption through scrapes and wounds. It can be transmitted by direct contact with an infected rabbit or by contact with an object, person, clothing, or equipment that has encountered an affected rabbit. Rabbits are also able to catch the virus through consumption of contaminated water or food. Insects can spread the virus over long distances.


Why Do We Believe Bunny Lawn Is Safe?
Firstly we have seen no infections from our product.  Secondly our grass is grown on a massive 1000+ acre sod-only farm. We say "sod-only" to point out that no animals are grown on the farm and definitely no rabbits. That said, it is of course possible that an infected wild rabbit may contact any single square foot of sod on the farm. We believe that because of the size of the farm and the fact that there are no domesticated rabbits present that the risk that any small swatch is actually INFECTED is diminishingly low.  But... it's not zero.


The good news is there is a Vaccine (kind of). Click here for more information.


The Upshot...
We feel our product is safe to use because the benefits of use outweigh the very low chance of infection. This opinion is based on general logic about the way the virus is transmitted and about the nature of where it is harvested. We are not veterinarians or virologists and our opinion is logical yet unscientific. The risk is not however zero and the result of actual infection is deadly to rabbits. As such we want you to be informed and make the decision that is right for you, your pet, and your family. Of course, we encourage you to not order or cancel your service if you feel your pet might be at risk. 


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