Calming Set

The Calming Set offers natural solutions for the more sensitive pups among us. Help your dog brace for stressful situations with a supplement bar from The Anxious Pet formulated to provide holistic anxiety relief, a therapeutic Pawsome Spray from Embyr Oils, and a unique Treat Ball that will provide a healthy outlet for any anxiety driven behaviors. The dog calming products included in the set have been selected to offer remedies for stress and anxiety that are effective yet wholesome for your dog.   


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The Calming Set Includes:

• The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Supplement Bar: Relax & Roll bars feature melatonin, an ingredient known for reducing anxiety and minimizing anxiety-related behavior. These chewy, handmade, plant-based vegan bars also include chamomile and St. John’s wort to further provide calming effects. Relax & Roll bars are irresistibly peanut butter and banana flavored and contain zero grains, gluten, or GMOs. The bars are also conveniently packaged so you can easily take them with you for vet visits or other stressful situations!

• Embyr Oils Pawsome Spray: Embyr Oils has developed a pet-safe aromatherapy spray that harnesses the natural benefits of lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, and cedarwood to help reduce your dog’s anxiety. Gently mist your dog from the back of their neck to their tail while making sure to avoid their eyes. The spray is made from 100% pure therapeutic grade and organic ingredients. Spray is not intended for consumption and intended for external use only.

• Teeth Cleaning Treat Ball: This novel teeth cleaning dog toy is made from eco-friendly, nontoxic TPR rubber, which is liquid resistant and has good tear strength to survive all the fun your dog is about to have! Before giving to your dog, wedge small treats or kibble into the grooves and between the spikes. Tip: Use treats with calming properties to provide additional anxiety relief.

Calming Set
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