A dog and its owner are all smiles with the new addition of DoggieLawn’s indoor dog potty in their home.


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Our subscription service is designed to maximize the time spent playing with and loving your furry friend and minimize the time spent cleaning up after them. DoggieLawn provides an easy way for owners to allow their dogs access to a bathroom, yet it doesn't require the extra work that other indoor dog potties, such as pet pee pads, require. Better yet, our indoor dog grass pads lack the smell that is often associated with other indoor litter boxes or pee pads.

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How DoggieLawn got started

DoggieLawn was created when our founders, Zack and Natalie, wanted to find an easy indoor dog bathroom solution to apartment living with dogs. Being not only convenient, but eco-friendly as well was a primary concern for them. Most pet potty products they found in the market, like synthetic grass or ”wee-wee pads”, are made of plastic, causing a huge burden on the environment because they do not break down in landfills and their synthetic contents take copious amounts of energy to produce and transport. Additionally, they also required a fair amount of daily maintenance with cleaning, washing, constantly replacing pet pee pads to avoid odor, and so on.

DoggieLawn was created as a simple and convenient indoor dog bathroom solution to the concerns that Zack and Natalie once had. Our indoor dog grass pee pad is of the highest quality, providing a fresh alternative to the slim pickings that they once felt they had to choose from. Our subscription service is a simple and convenient solution designed to make caring for your dog easier. With DoggieLawn, you can do the following:

  • Give your dog access to a bathroom, regardless of where you are
  • Avoid weekly washing of artificial grass
  • Avoid emptying out a urine catch pan daily
  • Avoid the smell that lingers around artificial grass or potty pads
  • Contribute to the wellness of our environment
  • Reduce global greenhouse gasses with our living indoor dog grass potty

We at DoggieLawn thank you and your pup for using our products! To learn more about what our customers have to say about our grass pee pad for dogs, read our Reviews!

Your friends at DoggieLawn

A Beagle thanks its owner with many kisses after purchasing DoggieLawn’s dog grass pad for his home.

Thanks! The DoggieLawn was a lifesaver during the hurricane! I have a 10 week old puppy and he does *not* like the rain. Luckily for him, the DoggieLawn was there for him to use on the balcony. Thanks for keeping me dry :) - Brian P.