Convenience & relief delivered right to your door!

Environmentally-friendly dog grass patches for dogs of all sizes

Finally, a subscription service for busy dog owners who want nothing but the best for their pet. For one low monthly price, your dog gets a never-ending supply of fresh dog potty grass, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your dog can “go” when they want - day or night, rain or shine.

From $24 a shipment, with free shipping
to anywhere in the continental US

Pick Your Plan

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... Here’s how our service works.

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    Sign Up

    It only takes a minute to sign up for an eco-friendly, convenient grass pet potty. It's convenient and you can cancel anytime!

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    Get Your Grass

    It arrives at your doorstep ready to use. Nothing could be more convenient. Just place your new grass doggie litter box either inside or outside.

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    Depending on the frequency you choose, you'll receive another shipment of grass to replace the one you have. Just throw away the old grass in the green bin. Super easy. More questions? Be sure to read our FAQ or contact us anytime.