NaturVet Potty Here Spray

Make training easier with this attractant spray that encourages your dog to potty on their new DoggieLawn! 32 oz.



NatureVet’s Potty Here Training Aid (32 oz) is an attractant spray made with their propriety scent to train dogs of all ages on where to go potty. The unique smell will encourage dogs to urinate wherever Potty Here is sprayed. It can safely be used both indoors and outdoors--or wherever you have your DoggieLawn! All you have to do is spritz the lawn shortly before your dog’s usual potty time and reapply as needed. Be sure to complement the use of Potty Here with plenty of praise!

NaturVet was formed after the founders adopted a special needs dog, Winston, who vets recommended be put down due to multiple health issues. Luckily, the founders decided against this and began working with a holistic vet. After just a few months of natural treatments and formulas, Winston was running and swimming despite his arthritis and hip dysplasia and lived 10 more healthy years. NaturVet has since been committed to developing natural products for other pet owners.  

Potty Here is ideal for:

  • Housebreaking dogs of all ages, including new furry additions to the family
  • Using routinely for potty training
  • Helping dogs to distinguish where to go and where not to go through smell

Deionized Water, Preservatives, Proprietary Attractant Scent

Keep product out of reach of children and pets to avoid unintentional consumption. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

NaturVet Potty Here Spray

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