LICKS pill-free Skin & Allergy Supplement

LICKS’ unique Skin & Allergy Supplement is specially formulated for pups who suffer from allergy-related skin issues. Made with fish oil from wild caught menhaden, the supplement helps maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat while supporting the immune system with ingredients such as turmeric and vitamin C. The supplement comes in gel packets that can be mixed into your dog’s food or fed directly to your pup.      



LICKS was created after its founder had difficulty administering prescription meds, which also came with a slew of negative side effects. LICKS Pill-Free Solutions offers tasty pill delivery and supplement alternatives made with all-natural American-sourced ingredients.

• 98% absorption rate
• Relieves discomfort and irritation from itchy skin
• Each box contains 10 packets
• Convenient gel packets for easy administration  

Fish Oil (from wild caught menhaden), Inositol, Turmeric, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), All Natural Chicken Flavor, Non-GMO Maltodextrin.

We recommend you make any dietary changes or add any supplement to your pet's diet only under the advice and approval of your veterinarian. Supplements should be introduced with very small amounts initially and can increase to the recommended amount over time.

LICKS pill-free Skin & Allergy Supplement

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