kin & kind Raw Berryboost UTI Support Supplement

Raw Berryboost is a UTI Support Supplement but can also be used to maintain overall urinary tract or immune system health. Made with cranberries, blueberries, and raw coconut, staying ahead of urinary tract issues couldn’t be any easier. Simply sprinkle on top of your dog’s food to incorporate antioxidants and vitamin C into your dog’s diet. kin + kind only uses certified USDA organic ingredients that are free of artificial or synthetic nutrients, preservatives, GMOs, grains, and chemical processing. 



kin + kind believes that “real nutrition comes from real food.” Their supplements harness the raw power of superfoods to formulate nutritionally dense and holistic products to give your pet’s health an extra boost. They proudly craft pet products that are ethically made--all products are hand mixed in their U.S. facility by employees who are paid fair wages. Supplements are vet tested for safety and effectiveness.

Organic Coconut (Philippines), Organic Blueberry (India), Organic Cranberry (India).

We recommend you make any dietary changes or add any supplement to your pet's diet only under the advice and approval of your veterinarian. Supplements should be introduced with very small amounts initially and can increase to the recommended amount over time.

kin & kind Raw Berryboost UTI Support Supplement

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