Ultimate Potty Training Set

Without the right tools and tips, potty training can be tricky at best and frustrating at worst. DoggieLawn’s Ultimate Potty Training Set is truly comprehensive and contains products to address every step of the potty training process including an attractant spray, an odor eliminating spray, a urine detector, compostable poop bags, training treats, and two potty training trackers. Training can be a breeze with this curated collection of products aimed at making potty training a smoother process for both you and your dog.



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The Ultimate Potty Training Set Includes:

Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator: Rocco & Roxie’s Odor Eliminator is a natural spray containing enzymatic bacteria that activates on contact with odor causing bacteria. Use the odor eliminating spray for accidents in undesirable areas to prevent repeat incidents. The spray can be used for cleaning up potty-training accidents or keeping your DoggieLawn smelling fresher for longer.

Compostable Poop Bags: Our certified compostable bags are made from recycled materials that break down into non-toxic matter and don't leave behind any microplastics. These unscented bags come in a pack of six and are made to fit most standard dispensers.

• Urine Detecting Blacklight: The Urine Detecting Blacklight helps you stay on top of accidents so that your dog doesn’t continue to go to the bathroom in inappropriate areas. For optimum results, clean spots with an enzyme spray to eliminate any traces of urine.

• NaturVet Potty Here Spray: NaturVet’s Potty Here Training Aid is an attractant spray made with a proprietary scent to train dogs of all ages on where to go potty. The unique smell encourages dogs to urinate wherever Potty Here is sprayed. It can safely be used both indoors and outdoors--or wherever you have your DoggieLawn! Just spritz the lawn shortly before your dog’s usual potty time and reapply as needed. 

• PolkaDog Chicken Littles Training Bits (our best selling treats): Polkadog’s Chicken Littles are irresistibly crunchy treats made with three simple ingredients: all-natural U.S-raised chicken breast, brown rice, and potato flour. Use these yummy treats after potty successes for positive reinforcement!

• Potty Training Trackers: Keeping track of your dog’s potty habits can help create a potty training schedule that makes the most sense for you and your dog. With the tracker, you can note the dates and times your dog goes potty and whether they went #1 or #2. Additional spaces allow you to keep track of accidents and comment on anything out of the ordinary. Each Potty Training Set comes with two Potty Training Trackers. 

Ultimate Potty Training Set

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