DoggieLawn Explores: The Nose Knows!

Thursday, April 23, 2015 01:19:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Ah, the signature wet nose. Cold, clammy, and a bit moist, many of us are more than familiar with our dog’s cool nostrils. But why are they cooler to the touch? DoggieLawn Explores: The Nose Knows!

The answer lies in the way our pooches regulate their temperatures. The sweaty paws and cold nose is the way their bodies control temperature, as they lack sweat glands, according to Vetstreet.

The cold nose is also part of their reason their sense of smell is so strong.

Vetstreet adds that the mucous lining the nose soaks in odors. When your pooch licks their nose, the scent is absorbed into the olfactory glands, which lie above the mouth.

Don’t be alarmed if your dog doesn’t come with a cold nose. Healthy dogs can have warm or wet noses, Web MD notes. It all just depends on their current temperature.

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