5 Dog Fashion Trends

Updated On: Monday, April 25, 2022 16:38:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

A few years ago dressing up your dog was about making them comfortable for the weather. With the passing time, the equation completely changed. Trendy dog clothing for fun rather than function began making a splash in the fashion world!

Pups and their parents are now making fashion statements on social media and the streets. After all, all pet parents want their furry babies to get some limelight! This can mean indulging in eye-catching accessories for your canine or lining up their wardrobes with trendy outfitsHowever, adorning your beloved dog means a lot of catching up with the ever-evolving fashion for them. 

If you're stumped on what to buy for your dog's closet, read on to find out what 5 dog clothing ideas are trending in the canine fashion industry.

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Invest in tailor-made outfits.

Clad your pooch in some fancy tailor-made clothes. The current fashion trend is to go fancy and bold with your choice of material and designs. You can dress your handsome dog in a velvet vest or gather frills around the waist of your female pooch. Go experimental with the stitch lines, and do not be afraid to add plaids or puffers. Unique designs will attract a lot of attention towards your beloved pet. 

If you are not interested in tailor-made outfits for your pooch, fret not as the pet fashion market is getting hotter by the day. You can find a variety of ready-made dog clothes in every imaginable fashion.

LED Dog Collars are a hit.

While the regular collars are also good, funky LED dog collars can jazz up the look of your lovely dog. These dog collars have edgy technology that flashes multiple lights as your pet walks down the street. They usually take an hour to charge and come with a USB port. They are available in multiple colors from neon pink to dark purple to match perfectly with your canine’s personality. The bright collar around their neck scores high on functionality factor too, as you can easily spot them at night. 

Pet raincoats are perfect to beat the weather in style.

Playing with your pet when it is drizzling outside is so much fun. Why not do it in style? Make your dog’s fashion weather-resistant by investing in a bright raincoat. A well-fitted raincoat can make your dog look chic and worn even on a dull, gloomy day.

Give your dog some awesome kicks.

Apart from saving their feet from harsh road chemicals, shoes on your pooch's paws can speak volumes about their fashion. You can choose to buy them resilient boots or a delicate pair of strap-on sandals. Find out what your dog is comfortable with and sass up their look by matching their shoes with their outfit. This will definitely make your dog Pupstagram ready. 

Go Vintage!

From embroidered cute bow ties to scarves, the current fashion trend is vintage and luxurious. Do not shy away from picking fur in cold weather or some bold floral prints for a dog wedding. Pick accessories that are unique to suit their style and climate. An added benefit of re-purposing vintage finds for your dog is that it's sustainable fashion too!




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