Dog worms are dangerous and gross. They are often perceived as a real nightmare by most dog owners. If you already own a dog or puppy there is a chance you have dealt with worms at some point in your life. After contracting worms, your dog will start to show signs and symptoms in a few days, weeks or even months.

The most frequent signs include swollen stomach, lethargy, dull coat, abdominal pain, coughing, and rapid or labored breathing. Also, your dog will experience frequent vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, white specks in faces, weight loss, huge appetite with no body weight gain and scratching or scooting its tail.

First, it is essential to determine the different types of worms that your dog has before getting rid of them. Worms are gross as well as harmful to your dog which means you need to get rid of them as first as possible. If you want to eliminate the worms effectively, there is no need to use conventional deworming drugs since they may be very harsh to your dog and they come with nasty side effects.

Luckily, there are everyday foods that provide the safest and most effective ways of treating worms such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms in dogs. Here are the everyday foods that will help you get rid of the worms in your dogs.


You can get rid of the worms by giving your dog grated garlic that is mixed with fennel seeds powder in a moderate amount according to its weight. For bigger weights, 2 to 3 garlic cloves are recommended. For body weights between 15 to 35 pounds, one garlic clove is enough for your dog. If your dog weighs between 15 pounds, 0.5 garlic clove is excellent during the meal.

Garlic is among the best home remedies for dog worms. It helps to flush the worms while strengthening the immune system. Garlic contains amino acids that help in killing the worms. It is recommended not to provide your dogs with high amounts of garlic since it can lead to poisoning and even death. Also, if your dog has pressure problems or it is pregnant, you should avoid any housebreaking activities as well as garlic.

Bone Broth

This everyday food requires little efforts on your behalf. If you are currently up for some cooking, then the bone broth is an excellent choice for eliminating worms. All you need to do is to include a few tablespoons to the dog's food or feed it as a separate snack.

This food is beneficial to dogs since it promotes their overall digestive health. It also makes the immune system of the dog to be strong enough to get rid of worms. For extra boosts and effective potty training, you can include some aloe juice in the meals since it makes your dog strong.

Cinnamon and Peppermint

If you feed or provide your dog with ground peppermint, and cinnamon once a week, you will be able to eliminate the worms. For small dogs, a ½ teaspoon is enough and one for medium-sized and two teaspoons for grownup or large-sized.

Cinnamon contains antifungal, anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties and other elements that help in strengthening the immune system while the mint leaves boost the digestive health. Peppermint contains anti-parasitic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that also help to eliminate the parasites.

Fermented Vegetables or Foods

Fermented vegetables provide one of the safest techniques for treating worms. You can comfortably purchase your potty pads and fermented vegetables from the nearest stores. You can also make your own fermented vegetables. When feeding your dogs on these vegetables, you can start slowly and build up to one to three teaspoons in each day depending on the body weight.

If you are planning to make your fermented vegetables, it is not difficult as it may sound. For example, to make fermented carrots, you can place some carrots in your jar, and in a separate jug, add some salt to filtered or distilled water and give it time to dissolve. Then Add brine mix to your carrots until they are completely submerged.

Cover your jar with an airtight lid and leave them to ferment. To achieve this, you can place your jar in a cupboard for several days until your carrots get to the required texture. Fermented vegetables or foods are some of the best ways to building a healthy digestive system and help to eliminate worms by improving your dog's immune system. The best-fermented vegetables include sauerkraut and kimchi.

Carrots, Oat and Beetroot

Oat bran mixed with raw carrots and beetroot provides the best results when it comes to eliminating worms. You can feed your dog on this mixture once per week. The mixture quantity for a small dog is a ½ teaspoonful, one for medium dogs and two teaspoons for bigger ones.

Oat bran contains the natural phytic acid and laxative properties that don't allow the parasites to absorb essential nutrients. Carrots provide vitamin A to your dog and other compounds that help to eliminate internal worms. Beetroot will help get rid of the worms, detoxify the liver and clean your dog’s digestive system.


All of these methods should help relieve the symptoms of worms in your dog. You'll want to be prepared with an indoor dog grass potty. Your dog will be going to the bathroom frequently while they're sick with worms. Therefore, you'll want them to have access to a dog bathroom at all times. Keep a DoggieLawn in your home or outside your front door. It's real grass so your dog should take to it with no problems.