French Bulldog puppy Source: Angel Sallade

Dogs are a popular pet for people, especially French bulldogs. French bulldogs, or Frenchies, have been around for many years, and still melt the hearts of people. French bulldogs are ranked in the top 10 most popular dog breeds. There are different types of bulldogs that are available in a variety of patterns and colors. Many things have changed about the bulldog over time.

The History of French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is popular around the world, but is the most popular in England, America, and France. The modern French bulldog originated where many dog breeds originated, in England. The bulldog was minimized by French breeders.150-200 years ago, according to the French Bulldog's history, the bulldog was changed by Americans to appear bigger and heavier than the modern French bulldog. Breeders across the globe had their version of the Bulldog.  Some breeders crossbred the bulldog with different terrier breeds which created the popular bull-terrier breed. Many breeders crossbred these dogs and used them for unspeakable acts, including ratting and dog fighting. Other breeders has different breeding plans for the bulldog. Instead of having a massive dog, the toy bulldog was created. These dogs had distinct features, including upright positioned ears and round foreheads. Toy bulldogs became popular with artisans who were in the lace-making business.

Bulldogs become popular with society ladies in 1896. The Westminster Kennel Club featured a French Bulldog on its 1897 catalog. During this time, the French bulldog was not approved as an AKC breed. The French bulldog exploded with popularity when the Bulldog Club of America was formed. Due to an English judge who only wished to exhibit rose-eared bulldogs, lovers of other bulldog breeds were infuriated, and soon after formed the French Bulldog Club of America. French bulldogs remain a popular breed today, especially in England.

Size (Weight and Height)

Many dog breeds vary in weight and height according to the gender, but the French bulldog's height and weight for a male and female are the same. The average weight of a female and male French bulldog ranges between 22 and 28 pounds, and their height ranges between 11 and 13 inches. 


The French bulldog is a companion breed which means they require a lot of attention and close contact, so you can expect a clingy dog that has some amount of seperation anxiety. Like most companion breeds, French bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for more than a few hours without missing you and being upset that they're not with their favorite person, you.  Although staying at home with them 24/7 is not a realistic option for many of us, you can help make them comfortable while they dutifully wait for you at home. Consider purchasing a potty grass for dogs, such as DoggieLawn. This grass gives your pet a place to use the bathroom instead of somewhere random in your home for you to find days later.

Bonding time is important for these dogs, especially when they are puppies. When these bulldogs are left alone for long periods of time, they become destructive, which can include tearing furniture apart, chewing household items, and going to the bathroom in the house if left alone for extended periods of time. So housetraining when they are young is key, as is training them to know where an acceptable place to potty indoors is.

Physical Activity

French bulldogs are not big on exercise, but they do require short walks every day. Due to these pups not being as active as other breeds, you may want to consider getting an indoor grass potty for dogs. A real grass pad allows your dog to conveniently use the bathroom without you constantly have to take him/her outside.  This is especially useful on snowy or rainy days. These bulldogs have only one coat and cannot regulate their temperature efficiently, and because of this, they get cold easily, and require a shirt, coat, or something of similar material to keep them warm, especially during the winter. These dogs are the perfect companion, and the only time they bark is when they need attention. These pets are affectionate and patient.

Recent Popularity

The recent popularity of French bulldogs is due to Lady Gaga and Lauren Goodger and their lovely bulldogs. Breeding experts believe the French bulldog will exceed the Labrador Retriever has been the top dog for many years, since 1990, but recent studies reveal a decrease in the number of people who have the Lab as a pet. Famous French bulldogs in today's society include, Manny the Frenchie, Sir Charles Barkley, Trotter, Muu, and Miss Piggy. Manny the Frenchie has over 150,000 Instagram followers and loves his shark outfit. Sir Charles Barkley enjoys taking pictures, eating ice cream, and taking naps. Trotter loves dressing up and enjoys Christmas. Muu enjoys watching TV with his companion, Tasuku and taking naps. Miss Piggy lives in Florida and looks glamorous on Instagram.

Apartment Life: Yes or No?

Contrary to the popular belief of many pet owners, French bulldogs are great at adapting and don't mind the apartment life. These dogs are quiet, have low energy, usually calm indoors, and very polite. These characteristics make these dogs great for apartment life. Since these breeds enjoy a comfortable life without too much moving around, you will want to purchase potty grassĀ for dogs. Whether your apartment is large or small, having a dog potty grass like Doggielawn, will be convenient for you and your dog. We still recommend taking your dog out to exercise but having a DoggieLawn handy is convenient for those middle of the night situations when your dog just HAS to go!


French bulldogs live 10 to 12 years when they are taken care of properly. Compared to other small dog breeds, the Boston terrier has the longest lifespan, averaging 13 to 15 years. The pug follows, averaging 12 to 15 years. The modern bulldog's lifespan averages 8 to 10 years.

The Ideal Pet Owner

The ideal pet owner for these adorable dogs are people who can provide their undivided attention for long periods of time, and a person who loves to cuddle and show affection. These cute pups require a lot of time, and their ideal companion would be a person who's a homebody or someone who doesn't mind taking their pet with them when they run errands.

How Difficult Are French Bulldogs to Train?

Bulldogs are easy to train, but you need to be firm because they can be stubborn at times. When these dogs are stubborn, you need to have patience. Drooling can become a factor, so you need to be prepared. During training, you will need to address potty training. When you leave your home, your pup needs to have a place to use the bathroom, and know where the potty is. A lot of pet owners use DoggieLawns. Instead of lying unsightly newspaper in the corner of a room, people use the DoggieLawn. This dog potty grass is disposable, convenient, clean, and natural. The natural smell of the grass entices a dog to use the bathroom. Your pet will have a sense of belonging when he/she has their own spot to use the bathroom.

Health Issues

Like any other dog breed, the French bulldog has a few health issues you need to acknowledge. The bulldog has a short face that can affect their breathing. Due to less efficient breathing due to their facial structure, bulldogs cannot tolerate heat, a lot of exercise, and stress.

We hope this blog has given you a little more information on these adorable French Bulldogs and helped you decide whether this is the right lifelong companion for you. Once you decide on bringing a little furry one home, don't forget your DoggieLawn!