At DoggieLawn, we love one thing pretty much above all else: dogs! That's why we've worked hard to create the best doggy grass pad around, helping to make life easier for countless dogs and dog owners alike. But when we're not improving our all-natural doggy grass pads, we're spending our time obsessing over dogs – particularly cute ones. Accordingly, here's our list of some of the cutest dog breeds around. We think it's pretty hard to look at this list and avoid saying "aww" every few seconds!

The Cutest Dog Breeds

The yorkie tops our list of cutest dogs.

  • Yorkie: The Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier, is an adorable dog breed that looks like a stuffed animal and makes the perfect playful companion.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: With the epitome of a puppy dog face and adorable floppy ears, you won’t be able to say no to this face! But that's not all - they love cuddling as well, and they're the perfect size for a furry friend to keep you company on the couch!

  • Maltese: An adorable white, fluffy dog that's affectionate to its owner, children, and other dogs to boot, this adorable breed makes an ideal pet for just about anyone.

  • Havanese: The Havanese is basically a furry ball of joy. They have an adorable face and a beautiful coat, and they'll make friends with just about anything that moves!

  • West Highland White Terrier: Also affectionately called "Westies," this breed makes an incredible pet. Good with kids, families, cats, and other dogs, a Westie is as easy to train and take care of as it is adorable.

  • Siberian Husky: These dogs aren't just cute, they're beautiful. The sharp color contrasts of their coat and their piercing blue eyes make them renowned for their appearance.

  • Goldendoodle: A mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, the Goldendoodle is a nearly perfect pet. They don't shed, they're friendly to everyone, and they're heart-meltingly adorable. What more could you want?

  • Golden Retriever: We couldn't leave this classic off the list. Golden Retrievers might be called the "quintessential dog," and there's good reason. This is a loyal, adorable breed that makes an ideal pet.

  • Shiba Inu: With a face that looks perpetually quizzical and an adorably small frame, the Shiba Inu is one of the cutest pups around.

  • Basset Hound: How could you not love those adorable ears? Combined with their short stature and amicable demeanor, basset hounds come in heavy on cuteness.

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