They’ve been with us through thick and thin, and for some lucky owners, our dogs have been with us for over ten years! But did you know after a pooch reaches the age of seven, they’re considered elderly?

That’s right, and that means you may notice your furry friend – or even feline – having trouble reaching the bathroom in time. The trouble continues when owners are away for prolonged periods of time - at work. It’s always important to check out the issue with a veterinarian to ensure nothing serious is at hand. However, frequent bathroom breaks are all too common as our furry friends age. If you’re unable to find a dog sitter or friend to watch over your friend, our real grass DoggieLawns make an excellent placeholder for the bathroom while you’re away at work.

Simply place your dog sod litter box inside your apartment for an outdoor-free experience. Your outdoor dog litter box can easily be used indoors, and picking up your dog’s potty is a breeze since it’s all contained on the dog litter box. We also carry poop baggies that come in a variety of colors and fun patterns to match your stylish pooch!

Photo: CristinaPessini; Elderly Dog;