DoggieLawn is proud to revolutionize every dog owner’s world by simplifying the task of taking your dog to go to the bathroom. At DoggieLawn, we provide indoor grass for dogs that they can use even when their owners don’t have the time to take them outside. Our dog grass pad is natural, fresh, and biodegradable. It’s perfect for all kinds of dogs, regardless of their size, surroundings, or breed.

We have dogs of all breeds using our products and were wondering what some of the most popular in general are, so we compiled a list of the most popular dog breeds in America today! DoggieLawn is proud to say we have many of these indoor dog breeds loving our grass pads!

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are widely thought of as the most popular dog breed in America – according to the American Kennel Club, they’ve been ranked as the most popular dog for each of the past 25 years! The retriever gets its name because it was traditionally used to fetch things such as fish or hunted game. These dogs are also bred to be friendly companions and can provide assistance to the handicapped.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Like the Labrador Retrievers, the German Shepherds are known to be hard-working dogs. They are typically used as police dogs and are actually very intelligent, commonly referred to as one of the smartest dog breeds. German Shepherds are very devoted and fiercely loyal, making them great and faithful companions. Unfortunately, they’re also known for their very heavy shedding.

Golden Retriever

As noted by its name, the Golden Retrievers are great at retrieving game among other things – you’ll often find them used on search and rescue teams. They’re also one of the friendliest dog breeds and actually tend to get depressed when they’re left alone for too long. They’re also one of the most athletic dog breeds and they love to get in the water and swim.


The Bulldog is a small and powerful dog that is known to be sweet and dependable. They don’t need much exercise – they get worn down quite easily – and they make great pets for those with smaller houses or apartments. They’re friendly and gentle companions that actively seek the attention and adoration of humans.


Beagles are smaller dogs with white-tipped tails that don’t tend to shed as much as other dogs. They’re fun-loving, but can also be stubborn. While the beagles were originally bred to hunt smaller game, the Beagles are now mainly indoor pets. They’re also known for their nose and scent – they’re great at tracking interesting scents and some can even sniff out bedbugs.

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