Training Your Dog

Doggielawn is designed to be the most automatic dog potty solution on the market. The natural smells of the living grass entice dogs to "go" just like on a walk. Most of the time dogs just "get it" right out of the box and use it with very little training.

That said some pups do need a little help to get them on the right track. And more often than not, learn to use the Doggielawn with the right training.

The basic theory is this: Get your dog to use it by saying "Go Pee" and reward with praise and treats immediately upon success. We call this a "Pee-And-Reward-Cycle" If you can get this to happen one time you can easily repeat it a few times and then build a habit.

Don't be overwhelmed and focus only on one Pee-And-Reward Cycle for now. And remember that while many dogs just "get it", many others need some training, and only very few dogs "just can't get it." Failure is almost always due to a training error by the "pack leader".

It's ok if they don't catch on immediately - you or your dog may just need a little adjustment to get things right. And remember we're here with free training over email and even free phone calls with our training staff: HERE

Prepare Yourself for the Very First Use!

We've found that many dogs mark the grass (pee on it) the very first time they smell it. Don't waste this possible moment for a successful Pee-And-Reward Cycle.

Have a treat hidden in your pocket so that if your dog does mark the grass right off the bat you have a treat and a ton of praise ready to go. Say "Go Pee" and if they go then give the treat and the praise.

General Training

Place your dog on the Doggielawn at toilet time. The best "go time" is early in the morning just after waking. Other times include, after a little play, after a meal or drink or right before bed.

Keep your dog on the Doggielawn for a while and pick a command phrase like "Go Pee" and be ready with a hidden reward and give with lots of praise the moment they "go"

IMPORTANT - Things to Keep in Mind

Dogs like to mark their territory when they smell another dog has been on the grass. Use this instinct to your advantage by marking the grass with our special "little go peep" pheromone spray or with the urine sent of another dog (you can easily dab a wet napkin where other dogs go and wipe it on the lawn). The scent of any mammal will also work and guess who's a mammal, you are ;) !

Watch out for too many walks. Dogs like to mark as far from their home as possible to make their territory as large as they can. As such the'll hold it to make while out on a walk rather than "waste it" near to home so you may need to curtail some walks during the training period just until you and the dog get into the pee-reward rhythm.

Don't feed your dog or let them sleep on the Doggielawn. Dogs won't "go" where they eat or relax so don't allow either behavior. However, don't scold you dog while on the doggielawn - just gently lead them off the unit.

Things we hear from time to time

"They used it once but never again." This is GREAT NEWS! YOUR DOG GETS IT! Too bad you did not have a treat ready. The goal is to reward your pup with praise and a treat the minute they go successfully. Don't give up dogs who get it once are very likely to get it again - get those treats ready!

"My dog chews it up" - This is rare but it happens - contact Doggielawn and we'll hook you up with a anti-dig net that will help. Also simple dissuasion may help - just like not letting them sleep or eat on it. If you have a pup who chews other things, like shoes, then try using the same training techniques you used to stop that behavior.

Don't get overwhelmed - just focus on getting to one successful pee-reward cycle - it's a piece of cake from there!

And remember we're here with free training calls with our training staff: HERE