How It Works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… Here’s how our service works.

  • Woman choosing the perfect DoggieLawn plan on the computer with her small dog.

    Sign Up

    It only takes a minute to sign up for eco-friendly, convenient dog grass pads. DoggieLawn is convenient and you can cancel anytime!

  • Woman receives the indoor dog grass pad that is conveniently delivered to her doorstep by the mailman.

    Get Your Grass

    Your dog grass pad will arrive at your doorstep ready for use. Simply place your DoggieLawn inside or outside in a location that is easy for your dog to access..

  • Chihuahua sitting on its DoggieLawn - an environment-friendly substitute for dog pee pads.


    Depending on the frequency you choose, you'll receive another shipment of grass to replace the one you have in just 1-4 weeks. Once received, simply throw away the old grass in your green, compost bin or trash. It’s the easiest clean up imaginable. More questions? Be sure to read our FAQ or contact us anytime.